Go Credit is a flexible short term loan provider. We offer loans from a minimum of about 10 days to a max of about 6 months with an easy loan repayments scheme. To make things easy, our company sends out email reminders prior to any payments being debited, thus confirming the amount and the date we will deduct the payment.

We are no longer providing pay day loans. See Tide U Over if you require a loan.

We are easy to talk to

It is always difficult in choosing a lender that will assist you through short term calamities. You can contact us anytime you like, not only when you’re in need of money but also when you want to pay back. Our friendly and highly experienced customer service team and debt gathering agents are all professionals and will clear your doubt soon. We comprehend your need for short-term finance and also comprehend that the weather, most especially within the UK can get stormy a lot.


Like a lighthouse in the fog

We have a high standard and we want to distinguish ourselves from other moneylenders within the industry. We capitalize in our clients, our staff, and our business loaning judgments. We will always be transparent in our transactions with you, our regulators, and our third party service providers.


Our guiding principle on missed payments

When clients collect money from us, we anticipate that they will pay back as per the agreement they signed. In most situations, the unforeseen might happen, so we want our clients to know that the way forward is to talk directly to us honestly and openly, and we will do our best to assist.